Currently Not Accepting Patients

We aren't seeing patients in our office currently but instead are available to coach others dentists, or dental offices in use any of the bonding, case presentation, and verbal skill techniques we employed for 27 years.

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Dr. Shuster is the first general dentist to use microscope enhanced dentistry in the Prescott region. This allows for seeing teeth with far greater magnification than older technologies and leads to a higher level of care than is possible without such microscopes.

Prescott Dentist Dr. Shuster can see smaller fractures, diagnose decay more accurately, and find problems that would be impossible to see with the naked eye.

Microscope enhanced dentistry

How is this site different from other dental sites?

Most dental websites are written not by the doctor but by an advertising professional with the intent to manipulate you. The dentist isn't showing his own work and isn't telling his own story. While not being a crime, this "buy a cloned website" approach doesn't give you any real idea what the doctor or office are like either.

On this site you will see only photos that I took of my own work. You can better judge what I do and if my services are right for you.

We hear every day from new patients how our practice is unique to Prescott and rare anywhere else. You are likely see the doctor every time you come to our office and there is rarely any waiting. We never double or triple book as many offices do.

What you will see here is different than what you will see on any other dentist's site.

Here is the unique and wonderful advantage of this site: you get real, usable insight into the office because we did all our own photography and of course we did all the dentistry. If you were to look after a few weeks there will be different "cases" shown but always real photographs of what we routinely do. This helps you make a more informed decision about coming to us: especially for larger jobs of worn down teeth, broken or missing teeth, and particularly front teeth.